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    Promblems with Premiere cs5.5 and cs6 with Blackmagic Cinema DNG files


      I downloaded the available DNG files for the black magic camera and Imported it into premiere 5.5 using the Cimena dng importer plug in. What I noticed however is there seems to be a limit as to how many DNG frames can be imported each project. I came to this conclusion after importing 4 out of 5 of the shots (DNG sequence which is made up of many frames). And each time I try to import the last shot I get an error message which says " the importer reported a generic error". Afterwhich I cannot import ANY more DNG files unless I open a new project, then all is well again untill the limit is reached. Another person using cs6 reports that its even worse with cs6. Adobe needs to look into this problem and rectify it as soon as possible, as the black magic cam will be shipping soon. Again, you will not notice this if you import one or 2 files. It seems to happen after  a shot (many files/frames)  are imported. John Brawley's shots were very short clips so this definately needs to be resolved.




      i7 processor @3.2

      12gb of RAM

      CS5.5.2 with mercury playback