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    Premiere CS6 freezes whole computer

    seetukka Level 1

      I´m unable to use prpro cs6 at all. Every time I try to use it it freezes the whole computer. It works a while but then beach ball starts to spin and everything freezes. It´s so bad that I have to reset the computer with pressing down power button. I´ve tried it many times. Same thing every time.  It´s hopeless.


      I can´t use the program at all. I have big problems with Ae as well. Is Adobe offering a refund if I return the suite cause It´s totally useless for me??


      Or does any one have any results for this? I already returned to cs 5.5 cause I need to get job done, but if someone has any result I´d be glad to listen. Otherwise I have to ask for refund cause the program doesn´t work!!


      My computer is Mac Book Pro late 2008 dual core 2.8ghz with 8 GB ram