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    Down-Res'ing 7D Footage

    nickflix Level 1

      Hello all! Hope everyone is well. I'm editing a demo reel and the actor sent me a bunch of files. Nearly all of them are 640x480 and either .mov, wmv, or mp4.  I've got my original dslr footage which is 1920x1080, and so I used the preset of DV-NTSC. I put in the 640 footage first and it all looks pretty good. Then I put in the 1920 footage and of course, it was all too big, so I scaled to frame size to make it fit, and it looks really bad. I figure that making it smaller wouldn't affect the quality, but it really looks bad. Like I can open the original file in the preview window to the left, and you can see that the one in the time line is grainy and pixellated and fuzzy, while the original is crisp and clean. Am I doing something wrong?