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    CS6 Project - Hang on start up - Move Footage Fixed ?




      I have tried searching for an answer to this one, but difficult to find an answer. It's a tricky one I think.


      I have three projects with CS6. This problem, which is very worrying, is happening with two of them.

      System has had no changes. WIn 7 64 BIt, 16 GIG Ram. Tons of storage on video and system drives.



      Project complete and edited. Once I reload project. Its hangs. Just sit there and crash. The project consist of a three camera edit.

      If I move rename the source Camera 1 video files to a new name, reload project, CS6 ask for ne wlocation. I point to the renamed folder. The project opens find.

      This is a temp fix, I'm pretty scared that one day the project wont open! :-(



      I'm pretty sure all all to do with the Media Cache folder.

      Recently I moved this to a different drive, as i thought it would help with CS6 Multi-Cam editing performance (it didn't).


      Thank you in advance for any help offered :-)