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    Printing dialog box: "unresolvable conflicts"

    chirrchirr Level 1

      I'm attempting to set up my new MacBook Air to print out  a custom envelope size on  my Brother HL-5340D  –  something I've done successfully with my office computer (a black MacBook with OS X 10.6.8). After creating a print preset in the InDesign printer settings, I am having trouble getting access to the some of the more idiosyncratic printer settings (toner fixing, for instance). I keep running across this message: "Changing 'Media Type' to 'Plain Paper' would cause an unresolvable conflict with the selected custom paper. No change will be made."  Additionally, I am having trouble with reaching the advanced settings under the "Print Settings" menu of the standard Apple print dialog box (which encompasses the Brother-specific drivers). If I attempt to change the "Improve Print Output" settings I get a similar message: "Changing 'Improve Print Output' to 'Improve Toner Fixing' would cause an unresolvable conflict with the selected custom paper. No change will be made.'


      I'm imagining there is some conflict between InDesign's printer settings (which I understand Adobe recommends InDesigners use whenever possible, but there are neither "media type" nor advanced print settings in the InDesign print dialog box), and I've compared the printer settings on my black MacBook (the one correctly printing) to my MacBook Air and I can't figure out the difference. The only suspicion I have is it seems that the black MacBook's printer settings in InDesign are somehow overriding the Apple/Brother presets, whereas on my Air, that's not happening – I've created a pre-set specifically for the custom envelope printout to complement (or so I thought, anyway) the settings that I could not reach from within the Adobe box. Back in Adobe's printer settings, for instance, the "Custom Size" option for paper is greyed out, so there are certain options that it seems I must access from the Apple/Brother drivers.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or best practices that I might adopt to avoid this conundrum? I have screenshots, but it seems they can't be attached anymore. Here's the printer summary. Thanks everyone, Quin…


      Print Preset: [Custom]

      Printer: Brother HL-5340D (green)

      PPD: N/A

      PPD File: N/A



          Copies: 1

          Collate: N/A

          Reverse Order: Off

          Pages: All

          Sequence: All Pages

          Spreads: Off

          Print Master Pages: Off

          Print Layers: Visible & Printable Layers

          Print Non-printing Objects: Off

          Print Blank Pages: Off

          Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off



          Paper Size: Defined By Driver

          Paper Width: 3.13 in

          Paper Height: 5.5 in

          Page Orientation: Portrait

          Paper Offset: N/A

          Paper Gap: N/A

          Transverse: N/A

          Scaling: 100%

          Constrain Proportions: On

          Page Position: Upper Left

          Thumbnails: Off

          Tiling: Off


      Marks and Bleed

          Crop Marks: Off

          Bleed Marks: Off

          Registration Marks: Off

          Color Bars: Off

          Page Information: Off

          Printer Mark Type: Default

          Crop Mark Weight: 0.25 pt

          Mark Offset from Page: 0.0833 in

          Use Document Bleed Settings: On

          Bleed Top: 0 in

          Bleed Bottom: 0 in

          Bleed Inside: 0 in

          Bleed Outside: 0 in

          Include Slug Area: Off



          Color: Composite RGB

          Text As Black: On

          Trapping: N/A

          Flip: N/A

          Negative: N/A

          Screening: N/A

          Simulate Overprint: Off



          Send Data: All

          Download: N/A

          Download PPD Fonts: N/A

          PostScript®: N/A

          Data Format: N/A


      Color Management

          Document Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

          Color Handling: Let InDesign Determine Colors

          Printer Profile: Document RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1

          Preserve RGB Numbers: Off

          Proof Profile: N/A

          Simulate Paper Color: N/A



          Print &as Bitmap: On

          Bitmap Resolution: 600

          OPI Image Replacement: N/A

          EPS: N/A

          PDF: N/A

          Bitmap Images: N/A

          Transparency Flattener Preset: N/A

          Ignore Spread Overrides: N/A