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    Photomerge from Bridge won´t work as it should


      Hi all!



      For quite some time I´ve been trying to make this feature to work since PS CS5 and now PS CS6:

      When you select more than a couple of images in Bridge and want to run the PS / Photomerge , then you get a dialog where "Layout auto" and "Blend images together" by default are checked; if you continue, you`ll end up in PS with layers which are OK in Alignment but not in blending.

      Whereas if you turn off the "Blend images together" then you´ll end up blending the images manually by means of the "edit / auto blend" and there it will work fine.

      In this case I´m trying to blend different images to expand my depth of field.

      I wonder if Adobe is aware of this that has been running badl for over 3 versions of PS now.

      Or is just me?




      Fernando Biancardi