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    InDesign --> Illustrator, For a Web Design Workflow


      I know we can't be the only team that has grappled with this problem, so here goes:


      I work for a company with a graphic design department and a web development team; I am part of the latter. Our graphics team works on Macs using InDesign CS5.5 and their designs come to us in PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6). The development team uses CS5.5 on Windows. The designers primarily output for print (we do a lot of direct mail), so just about everything is geared for that; they also develop our web layouts, which is how we come to our problem...


      When we open graphics' PDF in Illustrator, to isolate say, a background, all the text has exploded into 100+ layers making it difficult to track down all the assets we need for the website. One line of text with a stroke around the letters and a drop-shadow behind all that might look like this:


      Layer 1







      T                         (THE BEST, displays on one line)


      <clipping path>

      <path>                       (stroke)

      <compound path>     (stroke again, not sure why this one is different)


      ..... (more below)


      ..... (and eventually...)


      <group>                              (drop-shadow group)


      See how unruly the layers are?


      Is this an InDesign issue, say, how they've set up the file? Or an Illustrator problem, interpreting how it's exported? We've done a lot of web research the past couple of days; we're still scratching our heads, trying to isolate the problem, and improve the current workflow. We tried exporting EPS (level 3) and encountered the same myriad-layers problem.


      I really, really hope we're not the only ones with this problem and that someone out there has seen it and beat it. Any help would sure be appreciated!




      Ansel Taft

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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          Your problem is your workflow. You shouldn't ever open PDF files for editing in Illustrator unless it is absolutely necessary. The exploded layers problem you are encountering is just the way that the PDF format is—as the format is NOT intended to be edited.


          Your workflow needs to be modified so that both teams are using either InDesign or Illustrator, not both. As for PDFs, they should be used for final documents, or for proofs, never to transport production files.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated ...


            Please understand that Adobe Illustrator is not, repeat not, repeat yet again NOT a general purpose PDF file editor. Adobe Illustrator is only capable of fully editing a PDF file that was saved directly from either the same or earlier version of Adobe Illustrator and if the option was selected to retain Illustrator editability! (Likewise, Adobe Illustrator is not a general purpose PostScript or EPS file editor.)


            Thus, you should expect problems when attempting to edit a PDF file exported from Adobe InDesign or for that matter, almost any other program. Why not simply open the Windows' users InDesign documents on your Macintosh in InDesign? That would eliminate all the issues you have.


                      - Dov

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              rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This doesn't help you with your current workflow, but you might find this thread useful, which includes an AppleScript that moves an InDesign page's layers into a layered Photoshop file (see #85 for the current script).


              Posts 78-82 are relevant to your complex layer problem. The script only exports the primary ID layers, which might be what you need. Your designers would need to run the script and deliver the layered PS file to you.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I could pile on here about your workflow but that’s already been taken care of. These InDesign folks should be supplying you with HTML exported from InDesign.




                If they properly map their styles to tags you’d have perfectly clean HTML to work with.





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                  Thank you all for your replies. I've been on the 'net since 1994, long enough to know when subject-matter experts are telling me our approach it moronic.


                  The workflow was set before I started working here; I am unaware how it was decided. InDesign to InDesign would be problematic due to cross-platform font issues. Ultimately we want the designs to wind up in Photoshop (Illustrator was just a waypoint, to extract elements like backgrounds and buttons), so we can slice them as needed. As such, I will see if our designers will give Rob's script a shot.


                  Are there any other suggestions along those lines?


                  Thanks again,



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                    Rik Ramsay Level 4

                    I agree with the Photoshop workflow. Any website design is handled much easier and better from starting and finishing in Photoshop. you can still use InDesign and Illustrator to create the buttons and import files as smart objects but that's the extent of it.


                    I don't know what your full workflow involves but what I used to do as a designer sending web designs to a developer and to management for approval was to use InDesign as a way of showing a 'working' sample of the website before it was in development. I basically exported each screen as a jpeg, imported into InDesign and then used InDesign's buttons and interactivity to create a PDF that they could click through and show the functions. I also used InDesign to create the style guide to send to the developer which they told me made their life much much easier.


                    Some food for thought.


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                      rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The script is pretty popular for this kind of thing—the thread has 33,000 hits. It doesn't export live text or sub layers.