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    Paragraph Styles in Photoshop CS6? Nope.

    therealrgbk Level 1

      First Bug:


      If I select a formatted text layer, and then click on the "Create New Paragraph Style" icon in the Paragraph Styles Panel, it creates a generic style which has absolutley no correlation to the style of the text layer i had selcted while clicking that icon. It's just Myriad Pro, 12pt, black, auto leading.



      I thought i maybe misunderstood the function of that feature. But in this tutorial, at 03:12 it shows the exact opposite.

      http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tutorials-effects/paragraph-and-character-styles-photosh op-cs6/


      Second Bug:


      I've had an issue and now confirmed that it is a known bug where if i scale the document i'm working in, or transfrom scale a text layer, the character panels font-size and leading details will be corrupted.


      Here's the kist of it, but before you read this, the exact issue is happening with paragraph styles that i have to blindly craft within the extremely slow, beach balling Paragraph Styles Control panel (due to the first bug mentioned above. Basically if i set the point size in th Paragraph Styles Dialogue box to be 24px, then apply that to a text layer, it will make the text layer 48px!! Man. Oh man. OH MAN.





      Third Bug:


      This isnt really a biug, more like a 'wtf'.

      I have a super fast Retina MBP, with 16GB Ram. I never, ever wait for anything when i'm workign with photoshop. All i make is web site layouts. They might be a little layered, but still i never waited. My mac comes to a stand still if i only open the drop down menu in the Paragraph Styles Dialogue box and change the leading or soemthing. Once, it even crashed. I've never seen such a huge disconnect between speeds of processes in CS6.


      Possible issue:

      I do have an extension from Font Shop and WebInk installed, but i dont have it open, so it surely isnt doing anything to this.




      Does anyone else have this issue?

      What do you guys and gals actually think of this new feature?

      Is it also slow for you, like unbelievabley incomaprably slow or is it just unlucky me? (even in the video demo above the guy is beach ballin')

      How can this be such a painful experince in CS6, in 2012, when it's been around since the 90s in Quark and InDesign?


      Photoshop, this is the equivalent of giving us a Porsche with no keys. Torture! I need this to work. I've waited a decade, literally for this kind of tool to be introduced. It's torture to have what you want except it doesnt remotely work. It's one of the big reasons i bought CS6 in the first place.



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          therealrgbk Level 1

          Nope, this has nothing to with Arabic I'm afraid, separate issue. Does it work for you though, like it does in that turorial i posted in the question. That behaviour does not occur at all for me. I'm using a legal copy and latest update.

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            Brett N Adobe Employee

            First Bug: Simply having a layer selected (even a text layer) and then clicking the "Create New Paragraph Style" will create a generic style (with default settings). You have to tell Photoshop what settings it is that you want to create a style with. Simply double-click the text layer icon (not the layer name or the blank area around it) and this will open the text layer for editing and select the text. Now when you click the "Create New Paragraph Style" button, the settings of the selected text will be made into a style. This is how they are performing the step in the video as well, but from your description it sounds like you are skipping a step. And remember, there are two different ways of creating text: single click the Text tool to create line (character) text, click and drag a text box to create paragraph text. That is why we have both Character Styles and Paragraph Styles.


            Second Bug: The Paragraph Style is applying with your text transformations calculated. So, if you create a text style that uses a 24 pt font, then you create text and transform it so that it 200% larger, when you apply the style you will end up with a font that is at 48 pts. A 50% transformation will result in a 12 pt font, etc.


            Third Bug: Not sure why that is happening to you. My Mac uses half as much RAM and doesn't run into that problem. My guess is it would have to do with the fonts you have installed on the system. Do you still see this behavior if you disable all the fonts on your system (through Font Book or your favored font managment utility)? Your suggestion that it may have something to do with Fonnnnt Shop or WebInk may be true to. Just because they aren't open currently doesn't mean they haven't modified Photoshop and the way it runs.

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              jumpyone Level 1

              I've created a video illustrating just how slow and buggy this feature is...