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    Workflow timeout stopping intermittently


      Hello everyone,

      We have a workflow step with a timeout of 1 hour that uses the Auto Advancer.   This is because we have a step that needs to check on a remote service every hour to see if an external process has completed.  What we're experiencing is this works fine for a while but will stop working intermittently.   It stops polling.  The workflow history shows that it just quit polling.  Sometimes it goes days without breaking, sometimes it goes only a few hours.  There are no errors in the logs that we can see. 


      I'm trying to reproduce it in a dev enviornment and I tested various scenarios like throwing exceptions in our workflow execute() methods but that doesn't reproduce this behavior for us.  It simply reports the workflow exception message as the subtext for the job in the inbox.


      Does anyone have any ideas or seen similar behavior?


      Thanks in advance.