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    Premier Pro Slow Motion is jerky (not smooth) when exporting with Mercury Playback GPU Acceleration

    Abdul Majid Level 1

      When rendering slow motion video clips (video slowed down to, for example, 30%), with Mercury Playback GPU Acceleration and with frame blend enabled, the rendered video is not smooth (is jerky). Frame Blending does not have any effect on the rendered output , The results are identicle with and without Frame Blend.


      When software only rendering, and with frame blend enabled (ticked), the resulting video is smooth motion.


      Please take a look at the following which demonstrates the issue:




      I am using the following:


      Windos 7  64 bit

      Premier Pro CS5.5 (with latest updates)

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 (with latest driver)


      The video I am rendering is HDV 1080i format..


      I have tried exporting in MPEG2 and M2T with Max Render Quality ticked. Both formats produce the same results.


      Why does Frame Blending have no effect on slowed down clips when exporting with Mercury Playback GPU Acceleration? Is this a known issue?