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    can not capture in Permiere after hardware up grade


      I have premiere 5 updated to 5.03 I just upgraded MB Cpu Ram I had to reinstall windows 7 SP1 fresh format reinstalled creative suite. now I cannot capture HDV video from my Sony Z1U before up grade I had no issues  cap says no droped frames but preview stutters and captured file shows green bars  stutters info bar shows X info say unable to decompress frame 0,1 ,2 ,3 etc..

      My system spec.

      Intel cpu core I7-3930K

      MB Intel BOXDX79SI X79

      Ram Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDr3 2133 MHz cl9

      I run a 0 raid with 4 10,000rpm  hard drives

      The only change is the MB,CPU,and Ram