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    DataGrid Help needed

      I am using a dataGrid to display XML material. I have a lot of information in it, so some of the fields are being displayed at the bottom for the selected item only. Similar to this example http://blog.paranoidferret.com/index.php/2007/08/29/flex-fun-advanced-datagrid-topics/

      Now I am using search as well, and in the case of multiple results, all the related rows get selected (using dg.selectedIndices) but the detail of only one row is displayed at the bottom part (obviously).

      All the other "result rows" are highlighed, and I am looking for a way (next and back button) so I can move to next searched row without having to scroll all the way.

      For example if I got 7 results, and first one's detail is being displayed at the bottom part, I'd like a button, when pressed will take me to the second result directly.