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    Defeated trying to use a file in PremPro. Need conversion help.

    msp1518 Level 1

      Well, gang. PLEASE do not berate me or roll your eyes at me. It's been a while since I asked for help so please know I only ask when I am really truly out of ideas.


      I was given a Blu-Ray to use in a project. It is for a family member. I have to deliver. But I can't.


      Ripping this stupid thing has been hell. i have DVDfab, which I paid for, but it's been DAYS and only this morning did I successfully get a .M2tS file.


      That file plays just fine in VLC. Media/Codec information in the image you see below (at bottom).


      Someone PLEASE, for the love of God, help me use this in Premiere Pro! My voice is completely gone from yelling at my computer. I have never had so much trouble in my life with one stupid file.


      I've tried Handbrake, but cannot figure out how to get it working. It always comes out all screwed up and usually no audio.


      I've tried using Video Converter with DVDfab (again, a program I paid for) but while I can get video that premPro understand, NO AUDIO is there. Never mind that VLC will play these files with audio.


      Adobe Media Encoder can convert this thing well enough to MPEG2 or MPEG4 (H.2164) but NO AUDIO.


      Can anyone help me? No solutions requiring me to spend more money, please! My wife's family can kiss my rear on this one.


      Also, trying an alternative, I successfuly converted that .m2ts file to a .TS file that VLC will play (with sound that goes way out of sync real fast), but I cannot get it working in PremPro either and that is strange because last year I was able to get a TS file working. How, I do not know. The codec info on that is at the very bottom.


      I wish DVDfab was easier to use, but it is crazy imposible to understand and seems geared for Mobile device conversions, which I have zero interest in. My file is 1080p and I want to keep it in HD. 720p at the least.


      I dowloaded Stx-something or other but gave up quickly. It is insanely complicated with zero turotials available for guys who are not experts.


      .m2ts info...




      TS file info...