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    Why does Flash have such frequent updates?


      I'm a tech at a high school, and we reload the computers every summer (over 200).  It is extremely frustrating that the computer image we setup less than 2 months ago and reloaded these computers with, had the latest version of Flash at that time. Now we are starting to hear from staff, that they are seeing messages that they need to update the Flash version. 


      What is SO critically important about having the bleeding edge version of Flash on the computer?  Is there really that much difference betweeen version 11.3.300.271 and 11.4.402.265, that a website would require this minor update to play their content? 


      Think about the different browsers. You typically don't see any message referencing "Your browser needs to be updated", until you are more than two full versions behind the current. Even then, the browser will still work, and you usually receive a message that you might experience less than full functionality without a browser upgrade.


      I just thought of a revolutionary idea!  Maybe Adobe could write Flash in such a way, that an ever-so-slightly less than the absolute most current version would still work on a website that otherwise would hassle you with the unbending requirement to have the absolute bleeding edge version.  ESPECIALLY, since Adobe seems to release a new update about every 3.300271 days. 


      Hey Adobe, are you listening?  I find it almost impossible to believe that I would be the only one to be so frustrated by this hyper-obsolescence.


      I do thank you for the opportunity to share my frustration, and that you might actually consider the suggestions, but I'm finding it hard to be thankful for much else about this.