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    Issue with Digitally Signed Docs not able to be scanned

    Chief CFO

      One of my colleagues is attempting to send me a digitally signed, form.  Believe that is was assembled in Adobe Professional 8.  He is using Adobe Acrobat X Standard. After he sent the form to using OUTLOOK through our email server, he rec'd the following undeliverable message:

      "Your message to  "XX" contained the following files that were not scannable:

      "1351-2 Travel Voucher, 27 Jun - 31 Jul, 2012  Num 2.pdf"

      Since we were unable to scan the messages for viruses, we did not deliver it to the recipient."


      Am trying to determine if there's a security or other type setting on the form that has to be changed to allow a filled in and digitally signed .pdf file to be scanned by Norton Antivirus.


      Thanks for any help.