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    Flash for IE on Win8 does not update to Flash 11.4, stuck on 11.3


      On my Win8 RTM laptop I am stuck on Flash version 11.3.372.94.


      On my Win8 release preview desktop and on my release preview virtual machine I am stuck on Flash version 11.3.370.178.


      When I go to the Flash download page to manually update I get the page in the screenshot below no matter what I do.  As I understand it Windows 8 Windows Update is supposed to update Flash but this doesn't seem to be happening for either the RTM or the release preview.



      Anyhow, I still tried to manually download and install Flash 11.4 for IE but it won't install:



      Wondering when it will be updated or if there is a problem on my end?  No idea where to go because manual update isn't even an option here.  Could use some light on this situation...