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    The Color of Clipped Highlights

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      After watching Jeff Sengstack's Color Correction series over on Lynda I dove into correcting for the first time with a home movie.  All is going well but when I'm using the RGB Color Corrector to brighten things up highlights from lit sources like lightbulbs - which are already white - start turning light green or aqua.  But if I use Levels to get the same results my white hot spots stay white (crushed, of course).


      I've never seen this behavior with color correction tools in Photoshop or After Effects.  What would make a pixel value that is already white become DARKER when the Gain is up'd?





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          you have to realize when a vvideo is white its blown out there is no information there. so when your shooting to get your whole scene light perfect and not have blown out highlights u can set up your scene how you are now. after look at the lights then under expose your scene just a little. because you can always grab information more from being under exposed more then being over exsposed. ive done alot of tests on this. I know how it feels to have a candal or a light bulb just so blown out its hair pulling out crazy. just try to under expose a little in those situation. but sometimes u just have to have them over exposed. u can also just change the lights on the subject  and keep the lights around the ligts offset them with a rimlight but im getting to alot more things.

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            Marc Trzepla Level 1

            I'm sorry, I don't think I was clear.  I see I can post an image here in the Forum.  I'll let the image tell the story.


            Please excuse and look past how dark, grainyand noisy the footage is.  It's a terrible shot.


            RGB Color Corrector Highlight Weirdness.jpeg


            - The TOP image is the original clip.  It's indoors and dark.  There are light fixtures on the walls.


            - The MIDDLE image is after I've brightened the clip in Premiere Pro CS6 using the RGB Color Corrector.  Notice how the whites of the lights are now aqua.  (I color picked the lights and made color swatch squares to show the colors of each light.)


            - The BOTTOM image is me approximating the same results with the Levels effect in Premiere Pro.  Notice how the whites of the lights have STAYED white as I've brightened the clip.


            My experience with color adjustment tools in the past always had whites STAYING white when a clip is brightened.  Brightened white has never suddenly decided to 'brighten' to a darker-than-white aqua or light green.


            So the question is, why is the RGB Color Corrector in Premiere Pro CS6 making whites "aqua" when they're brightened?



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              That is weird.


              I've noticed myself that the CC effects in PP exhibit some oddness.  For example, adjusting the Input level for three different effects will have three different results.  It's the same parameter in all three effects, it should produce the same result in all three.  Yet it doesn't.


              That's why I generally use Colorista.