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    Monitor calibration problem

    David Lingard Level 1

      First time in this forum and I'm the first to admit that my knowledge is limited, so any help would be appreciated.


      I've built a new PC with Win7 64bit and twin monitors. Following advice I've installed 2 matching ATI grahics boards and connected one monitor to each. The "main" screen is an Eizo and I use that as "second monitor" in Lightroom and the main monitor in Photoshop. The second monitor is a cheap and cheerful LG which has palettes etc from PS and is used for word processing etc. Manufacturer's drivers are used for both screens.


      I have calibrated both using Eye1 Display2 and the correct icc profile appears to be assigned to each monitor. The problem is that they appear to be significantly different, Monitor 2 (the LG) is much brighter than Monitor 1 (the Eizo). Monitor 1 matches the printer so that's OK but shouldn't both screens look the same - or am I missing something?


      Any and all help gratefully received.




      Mon 1.JPGMon 2.JPG