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    Looking for a script that will size photos down and give unique filenames


      Here's the challenge:


      I have a bunch of photos that need to be sized down to three different types of thumbnails, each group of thumbnails needs to have a specific prefix to the filename while keeping the rest of filename in tact.


      So example:


      I start out with a photo 1400 x 933

      That photo needs to be sized down to 3 different smaller sizes: 630 x 420, 210 x 140 and 140 x93 (all of those have the same aspect ratio as 1400 x 933). So far this is a simple Action in Photoshop.


      The trick I can't figure out is that these photos need to have a specific file naming convention. Say for example the 1400 x 933 photo we start out with is named w_paul_001.jpg the other photos once sized down need to be: x_paul_001.jpg (for the 630x420), y_paul_001.jpg (for the 210 x 140) and z_paul_001.jpg (for the 140x93).


      How I do dat?