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    Lighting correction possible?




      I did reshoots for a scene recently but I left some lights on... that weren't meant to be there. It's not only brighter, in a whiter sense, but is more yellow too. Is there any way to correct this? Half the scene has the original, low, whiter lighting and the other half has brighter, yellowish lighting.


      Gosh. What's possible?

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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          The three way colour corrector allows correction of the shadows, mids and highlights.   

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            Noberto.Clarkos Level 1

            It appears your camera wasn't properly colour balanced for shooting indoors meaning that tungsten light, indoor lights, appear yellow. If you have After Effects you could create a mask on the affected area and colour correct the yellowish light by adding some blue in there. If you don't have access to AE then in Premiere Pro you can use the 3 way colout corrector as mentioned above and add some blue until it starts to look alright. The thing is it will apply this effect to the whole picture, not just the affected area so the parts which are properly white balanced may look even more blue.