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    Moire on screen... need to blur out!


      I recently received footage which was shooting someone editing on a screen (so the screen was being filmed). The footage has a lot of moire lines on the screen. I was wondering whether there was any way to blur out the moire, or part of the screen, and then focus the eye on a different part of the screen, so the viewer isn't distracted by the moire (and doesn't notice it), and therefore only one part of the screen is in focus, and the rest is slightly blurred out. In other words: mask out the moire part of the screen and subtley blur it out (ideally with some feather to ease it into the rest of the screen, and so it doesn't look too obvious).



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          Sounds like more of a job for After Effects. You can create a mask over the affected area and blur it out or use the "Corner Pin" effect to add something else in its place, but it sounds like whoever shot it didn't adjust the syncro scan on their camera or as I have experienced in the past, some monitors just don't show up well on screen at all. Or depending whereabouts the screen is in shot, you could apply blurred vignette kind of effect, but like I said that would all depend on where in the shot the screen appears.