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    Rendering issues

    Noberto.Clarkos Level 1

      Hey everyone. I have a really peculiar issue when rendering out of AE. I have some footage which I have edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5, exported lossless for work in AE. When I open this clip in VLC it plays back perfectly and when I import it into my AE project is looks perfect. Now the issue is when I render the clip out of AE with the titles I have added onto it in AE.

      It looks fine in the comp window, when I RAM preview it is fine, I render it lossless and as soon as I hit enter it looks like s**t!! I have checked the interpret footage menu, everything is as it should be, I have checked my sequence settings and they are all as they should be and I am using the correct comp settings as well. I have tried rendering out DNxHD, lossless .avi, AVID Meridien even h.264 and I get the same issue.

      Funny thing is though, the titles look fine, it is just the footage! It looks pixelated and like there is some kind of field issue possibly? I have tried de-interlacing and removing flicker but to no avail! I have also checked that it is not rendered with draft quality incase anyone asks.

      Source footage:

      1920x1080 50i - From Sony 350 XDCAM

      Premiere sequence settings - XDCAM EX 1080 50i HQ

      Render lossless from Premiere (have even tried Dynamic Link and same thing happens)

      Import to AE in HDTV 1080 25 comp settings

      Render lossless

      Using AE CS5.5 version

      Premiere Pro CS5.5.2

      Windows 7 64bit

      16gb RAM

      GTX 570

      Any help much appreciated!