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    Can I upgrade Flash on a certified tablet after installing ICS?

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      I'm in a bind here. I waited too long to buy a tablet and now Flash has been removed from Google Play. I could kick myself for that. Anyway, I did some research and found out Adobe has a list of certified devices that run Flash. Seeing how this list doesn't list any of the newer tablets running Tegra 3 (except the Acer A510 which has serious QC issues), I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I was told by Samsung, unfortunately, that Adobe Flash is not "pre-installed" on this tablet or any of their tablets in general. Again, I could kick myself a thousand times.


      So, I've been looking at "refurbished" or "used" versions of this tablet and found several sellers that told me their 8.9's have Flash 10.1 installed already. From what I've read, the 8.9 is going to get an update for ICS 4.0.4 very soon.


      Okay, here's what I'd like to know: These sellers installed Flash under "their" accounts when they downloaded it from Google Play. If I buy this tablet and then upgrade the OS to ICS, will I be able to download Flash under my account if I haven't downloaded Flash before even if it has Flash on the tablet already? I ask this because a few people who own the Galaxy Tab 10.1 found that Flash no longer worked for them after the upgrade, but they were able to download it again because they had downloaded Flash in the past.


      Not only will I update this tablet to a new OS, I will also have to update Flash to version 11. I want the year's worth of updates which is why I'm getting a "certified" device.


      Sorry for making a story out of my question but I wanted to supply the facts to you.