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    Simple Page Numbers please?

    L Welch

      Have my file cleaned up, (inx - reopen) have no sign of page #'s. Is there a SIMPLE way to get page #'s on all 60 pages? No skips, start at page one. Instructions on HELP are simply not clear.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          On the master page create a new text frame where you want the number to appear. If you want he number to be above some background object, make sure you add another layer and put the number frame on the top layer.


          In the new text frame add any text you want before the page number (Page, for example) then right-click and choose Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number and then add any text you want after the number (for something like this: - 12 -). Style the marker and other text, if any, as you like, and be sure the frame is large enough to hold at least 3 digits.

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            L Welch Level 1

            Peter, this did like yesterday, page 1 is 1,  page 2 is 1, page 3 is 12!!!

            And so thru to page 16 then -

                 17 is   7 - and so on.  What the heck

            is happening?







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              RobertoBlake Level 2

              Make sure that all of the pages have the appropriate Master associated with them, (usually A) I literally just made a new 60 Page document and got this to work. Make sure you don't have Master Text selected in the document setting.


              Just got to the Master Page (A) create a text box and right click (option click in Mac I believe) Insert>Markers>Current page Number. Once you've done that its all done auto matically. Litearally takes 30 seconds for the entire process.


              I use this for book layouts for combination of Title and Page Number.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Sounds to me like the section numbering is messed up. Can you post a screen shot of the pages panel, please?

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                  L Welch Level 1

                  Peter this is page 3 (w p 12 on it) --  I've not assigned sections at all,

                  just built the pages one by one.  Thanks!!


                  You must understand, I do lots of things and ID has my very divided

                  attention just a little of the time. . . doesn't help at all.

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                    RobertoBlake Level 2

                    Welch, Take the text box out of the individual pages that you already have that have the numbers in the pages. Instead of generating a page number for individual pages we will do all of them instantly in 3 or so simple steps.


                    Next go to Master A at the top of the pages panel. Make sure that all of your existing pages have A assigned to them in the pages panel.
                    Double click Master A. Place an empty text box where you want the current page number on each page to appear.
                    Next use Insert Special Charcters >Marker> Current Page Number.
                    What will appear in the master is a letter A or a #.
                    Now double click on any page in the Pages Panel and you will see that its current page number reflects correctly in the text box.





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                      L Welch Level 1

                      Again,   I followed to the letter - and -- magically -- I get,  page 1 is page 1, page 2 is page 1,  page 3 is page 12. page 4 is page 13,  down to page 17, starts agan at page 7!!!  Guess I'll have to manually add page numbers.

                      Thanks All.

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                        MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 10.11.07 AM.png

                        See the black arrow above my third page (11), than means a new section was enabled.  You want to get rid of those black arrows by right clicking on the page (ctrl click mac) choose numbering and section options, and uncheck Start Section.

                        Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 10.15.36 AM.png

                        Unfortuanately you have to do that for each black arrow, unless someone has a different way.

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                          E Diane King Level 2

                          What are the numbers under the page thumbnails in your pages panel?  Do they match the  page numbers you are getting on the actual pages? Are there little back down arrows above all the pages in the pages panel? You can click on each page thumbnail and control click (right click) and choose Numbering and Section Options. In that dialogue box, you need to either uncheck the start new section box or tell it to continue numbering from the previous section. Only the first page of the document needs that little black down arrow over it in the pages panel (and it should start with page 1) if you're not purposely using sections for some reason.


                          LOL. Mike beat me to the response and with great pictures to illustrate.


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                            L Welch Level 1

                            Don't know where the Start section thing came from, not me, --  anyway that

                            fixed it.  Thanks a lot!!



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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              I suspect yoou may have an imposed copy of the file that was done for printing, but without seeing the numbering in the panel (and you must also be set to view section numbering rather tahn absolute numbers) it's not really possible to say.

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