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    OSX Gatekeeper and Flash CS5 & CS6


      This is a major problem:


      The default settings of Gatekeeper, OSX Mountain Lion's anti-malware feature, seems to flag all the executables (.app) built with Flash CS5 and CS6 as "Damaged"




      In my tests, older executables published with CS4 or earlier versions trigger the "proper" message which talks about "unidentified developers" and explains why the file can't be opened.


      Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 11.18.27 AM.png



      Now, I don't need a smartass telling me to just disable Gatekeeper because:


      1) millions of users will keep the default settings

      2) older version work so there is something in the compiler/packager in CS5 and CS6 that makes Gatekeeper think the files are broken.


      Does anybody experience the same problem?

      Are Adobe people looking into this?