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    Banding in the Layer Mask?




      I have:


      Windows Xp Service Pack 3

      4GB RAM

      Geforce 560ti

      PS CS5 extended


      I am a photographer and submit the images to an agency.They inspect images at 100% for technical quality.


      While preparing an image today, I used a layer mask in the levels adjustment.I used brush with 0% hardness and just clicked once with black color selected.But I found some severe banding.I alter clicked on the layer mask and found the same banding at 100%.I have not noticed such a thing till date.



      I did try copy pasting the layer mask to show it to you guys, but when I saved it as jpeg and viewed the jpeg file, there was no banding.However I can see the banding even if view the jpeg of the image above.I tried on another images too but the same problem.It used to be very smooth before.Have made no changes to the default settings.Tried with both OpenGL on and off.



      Why does this happen?