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    How do I fix my corrupted Project?


      Using RH6 HTML.

      No matter what I have tried, while I can open the project, I cannot open any of the files.

      • Have tried trashing the .xpj and .cpd.
      • Imported an older version of the file I was retrieving when the project crashed.
      • I can open the project, however, no matter what file I attempt to open, the project crashes with this popup:

      "RoboHelp HTML Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      Please tell Microsoft about this problem."


      The report reads like this:

      AppName: robohtml.exe AppVer: ModName: iwysiwyg.dll
      ModVer: Offset: 000390ac


      and also indicates this file would be sent to Microsoft: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\1cbb_appcompat.txt


      Thanks for your help.