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    How can I Know the real time of my 24p project?


      I made an animatc as part of planning a 7 min animated video on Premiere Pro using a 24p project, trunsting that my ruler is set to 24 fps and that the time displayed was the real time of the video (not the NDF time), since there was no indication on Premiere's create sequence window that the ruler was on NDF basis. (When you cerate a new sequence,on the new sequence settings window you set the timebase as 23,976, but the ruler is shown as 24FPS, no indication of drop or non drop frame.)


      Recently I Had to export a 29,97 version of my project, and it was in fact 14 frames bigger. So I concluded that my time ruler was also showing me a NDF time not the real time of the video.


      Is there a way of creating a 24p project, with a ruler that gives me the real "clock" time? Or any Formula to "convert" a NDF time to DF (real) time, so I know where, on an NDF ruler, do I have  to stop to have a 7 min video?


      Thanks in advance