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    How do I swap out jpgs for tiffs after importing a project edited in Pr, to AE?


      the original Pr project was created from an image sequence of jpgs.


      I'm doing stop motion using Dragonframe to capture the images and here's the workflow i was refered to



      Dragon Frame (DF)

      <span style="color: #00a514;">Capture in Hi-Res (RAW)</span> and <span style="color: #ff271d;">low res jpegs</span>.

      Export 720P file for editing in Premiere (establish file name).


      Light Room (LR)

      Resize RAW files to 2K(tiff), flatten image

      <span style="color: #00a514;">Export 2K image sequences</span> (name the same as 720P files)


      Premiere (PR)

      Cut 720P files to a picture lock.


      After Effects (AE)

      Import Premiere project.

      <span style="color: #ff271d;">Swap out 720P files</span> for <span style="color: #00a514;">2K(tif) image sequences.</span>

      Work on shots as compositions.

      Composite environmental elements.

      Remove rigs.

      Export final project.</li> </ul>