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    Need Help Bad, Program Monitor Troubles

    dbztoolkit Level 1

      Ive reinstalled windows 7 5 times in the last 3 days, my problem that im having is when i opening up premiere everything is find i think seems to be running fine. but when i try to color correct anything and i select any peramater in an effect im not seeing the updated in the program monitor.

      I dont know what this is doing this. its like trying to color correct and guessing. the video updates if i stop and give it a sec to load. in other version of PM ive done this with no problems. i just got this system its an i7, 16gb ram with 2gb nvidia video cards. I dont know the tearm of whats happening only thing i can think to call it is the program monitor is out of sync. im pulling my hair out over here. can someone help me please here is a video so u can see what im saying.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkN33DQNZag&feature=plcp




      please help me here ive been looking for help for 2weeks and have gotten nowhere ive been to youtube and copied people settings inside of the nvidia control pannel. i just need someone that knows what this can be.