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    Double sided card in Indesign



      I have a problem with creating some double sided cards in Indesign and I was hoping that someone can help me please?


      I have to create double sided cards in Indesign, so each side of the card has a border and crop marks in the exact same place. Each side is also a separate pdf file.(a front pdf and a back pdf). I cannot make these as a single pdf and print because the printing is on card, which is on the bypass try of the printer.


      I need to print this double sided and then chop the edges off using the crop marks as guides. I have tried printing these files - so I place the card on the bypass tray and print the front, then place the card back on the bypass tray and print the back - in the exact same place. But when I print this, one side of the card always prints to the side - meaning the crop marks are misaligned for chopping.

      I'm wondeing if there is anything I need to do in Indesign rather than the printer to print so that the crop marks on the same place on either side of the card.


      Any help would be appreciated,


      Thanks very much


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You will need dumb luck in order to do this in a desktop printer. They simply aren’t capable of that type of precision.





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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            As Bob says, desktop printers, and even commercial copiers generally don't have the kind of precision for sheet-to-sheet and front to back registration accuracy.


            Avoid borders closer than about .25 inches to the trim line unless you plan to cut each card by hand. Even the fronts won't be perfectly aligned to each other in the stack so you need to allow for some drift in the design. The further you keep anything from the edge that will lead the eye to see a mis-alignment the less likely anyone is to notice. A hard, narrow border is not a good choice for this sort of output.


            Leave the border off the back completely if you can, and allow as much margin as possible to hide the shift there, too, and trim for the front side as that is presumably the most important.

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              I had a similar problem on our office printer. I wanted to print a double sided SRA3 document. Unforutnatly even thought they were perfect on screent they were offset by about 5/6mm from the bottom. I solved it by missaligning the guides by that ammount in indesign. So it looked wrong on screen but would print correctly from the office xerox. I kept the grid visible on page 1 and two but had it set up not to print on page 2 this way when trimming I had some guide lines to go off.

              It takes a little trial and error but does work.


              Hope this helps.