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    How to save unused split clits for later projects

    rodball Level 1

      I have search and found variations to this question, but unsure if it applies to my situation.


      I am editing a dv lecture in premiere elements 9 for a 30 minute broad cast.  The clip is 50 mins long.  I want to make a Part 1 & 2 from splitting and selecting clips to keep within my 30 min window.  I want to make a part 2 (30 min) video that incorporates used and unused (split) clips.


      For example, if I make 5 (10 min) splits renaming them  A-B-C-D-E.  I want to use A-B-C for part 1 (30 mins), & later make a Part 2 with A-D-E. (30 mins).


      How would I do this?  There is nothing in the users guide that addresses this that I have found.