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    Presenter 7.0.7 crashes Powerpoint


      I installed adobe presenter 7.0.7 from the school site. It worked well on Powerpoint 2010 for a while. Today it crashed Powerpoint in the middle of the presentation with an error message that said Powerpoint was disabling in and i should look for a newer version.


      I tried reinstalling the addin, but that did not work.  so I uninstalled Presenter, and reinstalled it. that did not work either.  This is a version with a serial number, not the trial.


      As of now it still does not work.


      this is a school computer 32 bit Dell with windows 7 and novell networking software. 

      I cannot install presenter on my other computers because they are 64 bit and the installation fails.


      what should I do?

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          1. Please Click on File >> Options

          2. In the powerpoint options dialog >> Click on add ins

          3. Select Disabled items in the Manage combo box and click on go

          4. Select Adobe Presenter and click on Enable.


          It would be helpful if you would let us know how presenter crashed



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            drbruce3 Level 1

            I did all that. even uninstalled completely from computer and reinstalled, then tried the addin dialog. no luck.

            downloaded a fresh one from my u site, and repeated to no avail.

            it crashed when i was just starting to record the second slide in the presentation. i have done the voice over for the last. in between i imported the notes. then is when it crashed.


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              7.07 is a dog. Roll your version back to 7.06. Ten users at my company can’t be wrong. We all tried 7.07 and rolled it back.

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                I'm having exactly the same problem after using Presenter 7.0.7 trouble free for months. Now as soon as I change the Settings at the start of my session it crashes PowerPoint. It is too bad most of our school has abandoned Presenter because of this - I was hoping to avoid changing, the product has worked well for me for many years through many upgrades.




                PPT 1.jpg

                I answer No each time this comes up - each restart of PowerPoint.

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