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    Premiere Pro CS6 extreme project bloating and Media Encoder

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      Hi there,


      I'm interested in hearing if others are having this issue and if there's a fix.  I first noticed this bug in CS5 and it hasn't changed in CS6.0.1.  An editor I'm working with recently discovered the problem at the expense of a project being usable the day before clients are coming in to work on cuts.


      Here's what's happening: we have a 20MB commercial project, no warp stabilizer in play, no frequent "save as..." commands being used, both of which seem to contribute to project bloating based on some online research.  I've been using Premiere as a finishing timeline since CS5 and noticed back then, when we were making some settings in Media Encoder, that when you click and drag sequences into ME instead of using the "Add Premiere Pro Sequence" menu option, the Premiere project file size quickly increases and saves and autosaves start taking several minutes to complete.


      We've been using the "Add Premiere Pro Sequence" method to send things to ME on this project but the editor was getting impatient the amount of time it was taking for ME to load the project and get to the point where he could pick which sequences he wanted to encode.  He did a bit of research and found the click and drag method to be faster.  After a handful of times using this method, the project size went from 20MB to 3.71GB.  Our autosave folder is set keep 5 versions of the project and you can see the project size doubling from 477MB to 840MB to 1.6GB.


      I was able to import the 477MB project into a new project and save it out at its original size of 20MB.  However, this meant that we lost about 90 minutes worth of work.  I tried to import the 3.71GB file overnight and it had made no progress when I came in this AM. 


      Reading online, I found that the "Save As..." command had previously caused some kind of duplication of preview file links in the project code.  I opened up our 20MB project in TextWrangler and compared it to the 840MB project's lines of code.  The 20MB project had 400k lines and the 840MB project had about a million.  The difference appeared to stem from links to Preview files.  I wanted to try to clear those out to see if I could get the project size down but, probably because of the file size, TextWrangler crashed.


      Is there any way to clean out the bloat from these projects without importing into a new project?  Also, are there settings in Media Encoder or Premiere that will prevent the bloat from happening when using the click-drag method of getting sequences into ME?  We're using the "Use Preview Files" option, which greatly speeds up the compression in ME, but might be contributing to the issue.


      Here are the machine specs:


      Mac Pro 2.66 GHz 12-core

      16GB RAM

      NVidia Quadro 4000

      ATTO Fibrechannel card

      Blackmagic Design Decklink Extreme 2


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts.