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    Web DVD | Customization



      I just finished creating a short movie and created a web DVD via Premiere EL 10.

      All is perfectly done but I need to learn few tweaks because I wish to customize the website interface and the player too.

      Please let me kindly know if possible as need there info to release online this video.


      1. I know that I can customize the .html (Play_webDVD.html) to my choice. I assume I can resize the size of the player. Which lines do so in Play_webDVD.html file?
      2. How to make so that when I click Start Playing on the DVD video it goes automatically in full screen? Is this done in the file AuthoredContent.xml ? If so, can I learn what are the settings I can change and which one takes care of the “Full Screen”
      3. Is there anything else I can learn to customize as for the player?


      Thank you,