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    Audio isn't playing on .M2TS files


      I am currently on version CS6 and I'm having problems with the audio on one of my .M2TS video files. Yesterday the audio was working fine and I'm wondering whether I have changed something by accident to stop it working. There is no audio sign on the timeline panel next to the file that I want to play were as yesterday, there was. Also, I think this may be something to do with After Effects because I am able to play the audio on the .M2TS video file on programmes such as Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Player. Any help?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It could have a lot to do whith the way the m2ts file stores its audio.  It could actually be embedded in the video, aka multiplexed or muxed.  AE does not play well with muxed audio.


          Depending on the way you want to use the audio, you could either export an audio file from the clip in question or export a lossless video file with audio from your other application... which I assume would be Premiere Pro.