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    Video Disappears in Multi camera edits CS5.5, source tracks visable


      I have had this occur more than once, and I am not sure what is going on, or if it can be fixed.


      I am editing a 3 camera multi sequence, MacBook Pro, i5 processor, 8 gigs of Ram.


      I save frequently, as for some reason, Premiere crashes occasionally, always after a lengthy session of edits (unsaved of course!).


      Yesterday, after a series of edits, it crashed. I had saved just before this, so I chose NOT to re-open the file using the "re-Open" button on the crash notifing screen, and instead opened the original project from the file menu.


      When it opened, I noticed that camera 3 in the multicam edits was black: no video. BUT, I have audio from the time line. The video portion is simply black, and it is showing black in the multi-cam screen too.


      Ah HA! I say to myself... The track is turned off in the "source" sequence, so I look to turn it back on, and it is not OFF. It is visable, and should be seen in the multicam section. I tried turning it off, then on again, and still no luck.


      I don't want to have to start over, but I don't know what to do. This has happened before, but with smaller seqences, so I just re-editied the sequence.


      Anyone know what is going on?



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          MarkERoberts Level 1

          Well, seems I am chasing my tail here... Not a problem with the tracks, but a problem in the sequence saving the wrong camera in the multi cam edit. When the system shut down, it must have changed the cuts funny, as the camera that was black, had no video in the track at the time of the cut. So it looks like the program saved the camera cuts incorrectly, and there wasn't an issue with the tracks not showing up. I just had to look more carefully.


          Strange, but, that's technology for ya!