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    HDV Capture Slow in PPro CS6

    flyingfish4 Level 1

      I am experiencing what feels like very slow capture times when capturing live HDV footage through FireWire.


      I am shooting in my home studio with a Canon HV20 HDV thru FireWire.


      It takes about half the time length of the clip for PPro to insert it into the Project Panel, while the Windows Aero wheel is spinning.


      And then another several seconds for it to conform it or whatever it's doing when the orange progress bar is working in the bottom right of the screen.


      So a one minute clip takes about 30 seconds for PPro to insert it into the Project Panel and another several seconds to conform it.


      Is this typical for a PC with the following components?


      i7 2600K

      16GB RAM

      GTX 470

      850 Watt PSU


      C: Drive is 120GB SSD (Where PPro Program is)

      E: Drive is 3TB Barracuda (Scratch Disk For Capture)

      F: Drive is 1TB Barracuda (Media Cache and Media Cache Database)


      I've run Virus scans and have MS Security Essential running realtime.


      I've also optimized Windows by trimming what runs at Startup and what services can run.


      I've run the RAM-checking program on it and all is good.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!