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    Updating Encore CS4 project with subsequent changes in Premiere Pro CS4


      Hi, I would like some help with the following issue (I could not find anything in the documentation):


      If I create an Encore project (CS4), then watch the resulting DVD and realise that I still need to make a few changes in my original premiere Project / sequence, is there any way of updating the Encore Project without having to start from scratch?


      When I tried this today, Encore still just told me about the transcoded previous version of my sequence and I could find no way of convincing the programme that the sequence had changed. When I tried to import the new sequence, for some reason the import function showed me only the top two levels of my directory tree and so I would not access the right directory to try if that option would have worked.


      In the end I started a new project, but I guess there must be a better way, especially if you have already finished a complicated menu set-up etc.


      Many thanks for your help.