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    Teleconferencing app - Video/Audio freeze issues


      I have a Flex based application which is using Flash Media Server (FMS) server (version 4.0)  for live video streaming between two users (i.e. a one to one teleconferencing service). This streaming is one-to-one, as defined by business rules, so that no third person can join a teleconference. Either person can start the video stream via a browser-based Flex client and communication gets established once the second user joins. Validation for connecting the streams of the two users is implemented on the FMS server (as server side scripting defined in main.asc).


      The Video frames (and audio) freeze frequently during video conferences. This happens even when both users have good connections (>1.5 MBPS up and down).



      The following is the code snippet:


      var live_mic:Microphone = Microphone. getEnhancedMicrophone();




      var live_cam:Camera = Camera.get();


      live_cam.setMode(320, 240, 30);
      live_cam.setQuality(32768, 70);



      Then start the netstreams:


      var out_ns:NetStream;
      out_ns = new NetStream(nc);
      out_ns.publish("ns_myStream", "live");


      Question: are there any settings or parameters that should be adjusted client or server side?


      Thanks for the ideas...