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    "Adobe InDesign is missing required files. Please reinstall."


      Hi EveryOne !


      "Adobe InDesign is missing required files. Please reinstall. Missing files: \Program Files\Common FIles\Adobe\TypeSupport\...\CP1252.TXT" This is the message I keep receiving on CS5.5 of InDesign.


      I am running InDesign CS5.5 North American, English, with updates on my WinXP SP3 machine. Local copy, no network server. Yes, I might possibly need a newer machine, or a newer desk, or to reinstall WinXP to fix this one problem, but everything other than InDesign CS5.5 still runs great and I feel no compelling reason to make system-wide changes or upgrade until Win8 has been thoroughly tested and new hardware is released and tried and true for that OS.


      So, last year, I received the same message and reinstalling didn't work either. So, I pried everything Adobe off of my computer and reinstalled Adobe PageMaker 7.x. But now I am compelled by my co-workers to use ID, which I have grown to love. I have no desire or $ to upgrade to ID6 but must make use of the ID 5.5. I don't want to uninstall PageMaker as we still use it for legacy projects and it has been a faithful companion to me since it was called Aldus Pagemaker.


      My question: what is causing these messages and why does re-installation not help ? If there is a system problem, why is only CS5.5 affected and not my PageMaker and Quark ? I have searched the web and found only related posts (with no responses relevant to me) for users of Apple products.


      Thank you in advance for any information that you may be able to provide.