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    Assistance with multiple HD Setup

    straightryder Level 1

      I was wondering what would you guys recomend on how I should approach setting up all these disks for a backup/ scratch drive  and to best utilize/ optimize the computer's tasks read/ write.


      I'm using Premier Pro and After effects mostly.


      (1) 180 GB SSD (obviously for Win7 OS)


      (4) x 3TB Seagate Baracuda XT 7200rpm HD's

      (1) 3TB Seagate Bracuda HD 7200rpm

      (1) 1TB (External Western) Digital Mybook

      (1) 2TB Seagate HD 7200rpm


      I wish my PC had Thunderbolt but I'll have to wait for that. I wanted to get a nice external storage device but wanted to wait until TB is available for PC. USB 3.0 is nice but I can wait it out for now.


      If anyone thinks I should maybe - add another disk here or there - I'd love to hear back from you.