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    Problems install FB 4.6 on OS X Lion

    Aaron N

      I'm having trouble getting FB 4.6 to install on OS 10.7.4.  I am in the Admin group.  I get to the point in the install process where it is asking me to select where to install. When I click install it prompts me for my user name and password, which I enter. The installer then fails.  If I look in the system log I see this:


      com.adobe.PDApp.setup[0]: 2012-08-23 17:37:51.594 Setup[59656:707] AuthorizationExecuteWithPrivileges failed with status: -60031


      I'm trying to install to /Applications which I do have full control over.  It there somewhere else this is trying to write to that I check the permissions on?  Does the installer generate any kind of detailed log which might give me a better clue?