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    Changing units in MakeGrid script

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      This should be fairly simple but I am struggling with it all the same.


      In the Applescript version of the MakeGrid script that comes with Indesign I want to make the default values for the Column Gutter and Row Gutter 2mm. This is a value that I use many times a day so it is simpler if it can be in there as a default.


      I have identified the lines in the script that define these fairly easily, but even though I am able to change the units to 'millimeters', I seem to have to put in the value in points. So I end up with the value of 5.669pts to equate to 2mm - as follows:


      set myColumnGutterField to make measurement editbox with properties {edit value:5.669, edit units:millimeters}


      This works just fine, but I just wonder why I cant enter the value as 2 if the units are millimeters.


      It's not a big issue, I'm just curious to know why I'm not able to do it.