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    Problem with DeNoiser audio effect


      I hava a problem with DeNoiser audio effect. When I apply it to a clip, it starts to work after a few seconds: it produces noisy audio on the beginning of each clip, but clean at the end. It appears both when I watch playback in Premiere (with MPE GPU acceleration enabled on GTX 460), and in final rendered movie.


      How can I resolve this problem? Or maybe Premiere has got other effects that function similar to DeNoiser and work fine?


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS6 Trial (updated version 6.0.1, I have also updated Media Encoder to version 6.0.1). I work with footage from Canon 600D DSLR (1080p24, mov, H.264, PCM audio). My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (with SP1, problem appears also on Windows without SP). I have no third-party plugins instaled.