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    Importing models

      I am trying to create a game in director but I am having difficulties with this. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if director can handle 3d models with a high polygon count? I have one model that has 86,000 polygons and when I import it into director it crashes. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please.
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          Ex Malterra
          Conventional wisdom sets a polygon budget of 10k, but I've gotten away with quite a bit higher. It's largely machine dependent. As a matter of fact we tried one highly detailed piece w/ a 111,260 poly model... ran like crap. But then again we were doing lots of picking and levels of visibility and whatnot. We wound up going with a far less detailed model of about 35k, ran great.

          Your crash may not be due to poly count at all but some other issue; for instance if you've got bones animation that's not been grouped properly (as far as Director is concerned) in your modeling program prior to export Director will often crash on import.