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    How to use image load gif of 「GIF87a」 by ByteArray ?


      Hi all:

      I want use image load gif file of 「GIF87a」 by ByteArray, but it not be displayed correctly on the screen, How can I do it , or How to conver 「GIF87a」 to 「GIF89a」 ?


      private function onButtonClick():void {

          fileRef.browse([new FileFilter("Images", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png;*.swf")]);

          fileRef.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFileSelected);



      private function onFileSelected(e:Event):void {

          fileRef.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFileLoaded);




      private function onFileLoaded(e:Event):void {

          var bytes:ByteArray = e.target.data;

          imageLoader.source = bytes;



      <mx:Image  id="imageLoader" onclick="onButtonClick()">