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    Adobe Touch Apps on ASUS Padfone




      I was quite disappointed when I saw that none of the Adobe Touch Apps are working on ASUS Padfone. Everytime it says that the device is not compatible - even though I docked the Padfone in its station making it a 10" tablet with Android 4.0.3.


      Please add compatibility with the Padfone since it seems to be a quite fantastic device for creative working!

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          Jeronbeam Level 1

          I found out that all Touch apps are working perfectly on the Padfone. You can download them by changing the build.prop faking to have a supported device (i.e. Galaxy Tab 10) - although it works, it's pretty inconvenient, especially concerning updates.


          But I assume it is as easy as adding the Padfone to the list of supported devices for the Touch apps. That should be possible in no time, shouldn't it?


          Would be glad to be able to finally buy these neat Apps!