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    Can't get my snaps to work (have tried obvious options)

    QuartzelecDonkin Level 1

      I have just done a fresh install of Indesign (CS5.5) and for some reason my snaps are not working. I have gone in and ensured that the correct options in View>Grids & Guides are checked and it is still not working. Is there anything else that could be causing them not to work? I’m using a file where it definatly used to work prior to the fresh install. Please help as I find it to be one of the most useful featues!




      To add to that. Smart Guides is greyed out for some reason.


      2nd Edit..


      Solved my own problem. For future reference if anyone googles this. I turned on "Snap to Document Grid" and this greyed out the "Smart Guides" which is what I was after. Looks like there was a bug causing it to not show up in the first place but by turning it on and off everything is working again.