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    Dreamweaver CS6 for HTML5?

    MFitz721 Level 1

      Wow, 27 minutes hold-time to call Adobe for pre-sales support!


      I'm a long-time Dreamweaver user currently using CS4. My customers are increasingly asking me to develop websites that will display properly on Androids and iPhones (less often Blackberries).


      1. Would a site I create in CS6 as HTML5 automatically display properly on mobile devices? What other things (if any) do I need to do or consider? Anything I should read first?


      2. Can anyone recommend a website emulator that will show me what my development sites will look like in every commonly used mobile device so I can rest-assured?


      3. How different is developing a site in HTML5 using CS6 from HTML/CSS using CS4? Big learning curve or minor?


      4. Can I continue to keep DW8 installed? (I have some older sites in HTML - no CSS that I need this for)


      Thanks for reading this.